The International Society of Environmental Enclosure Engineers (ISEEE) is a research and educational organization focused on evaluating real world enclosure performance (testing methods), recognizing best practices in design and maintenance, and classifying real world cab performance.

Founded in 2012, ISEEE’s international membership represents a cross section of cab engineers, HVAC engineers, maintenance managers, Industrial Hygienist, Health and Safety professionals, and companies all committed to improving environmental performance in operator enclosures.

The motto for ISEEE is “Preserving Lives and Capital” which reflects the emphasis on operator health and the importance of preserving capital by reducing the cost of ownership through increased operator and machine uptime.

ISEEE currently offers proprietary courses in:

  • Advanced Cab Theory

  • 1.002 In-Field Testing Procedures and Methods to Evaluate “In Use” Operator Enclosure Effectiveness

  • 1.003 OEM Certification Protocol


Jeff Moredock

Founder & President


Jeff Moredock has a passion for preserving the lung health of those who work in operator cabs in challenging environments. Jeff is a published author, teacher, researcher, inventor, and conference speaker in the area of environmental enclosures. Jeff is the author of the Advanced Cab Theory Workbook and was a principal author of the 1.002 In-field Testing Method.


Jeff currently serves as the International Project Lead for the development of ISO 23875, a new standard work in environmental cabs and performance testing. Additionally, Jeff serves on various SAE, AEM, and ISO TAG committees in the USA,  Most of his committee work is focused on environmental cab standards development. 


Jeff is currently employed as the Executive Vice President of Sy-Klone International, a company dedicated to improving environmental enclosure air quality.

Advisory Council Members


Patrick Della Chiara

President and CEO of Moteurope

Paris, France


Ian Duiven

VP of Polar Mobility Research

Calgary, Canada

James Moredock

Sr. EVP of Sy-Klone International

Jacksonville, Florida, USA

Roberto Draganic

President and CEO of Climatrans, Inc,

Montreal, Canada