An Introduction to ISEEE

The International Society of Environmental Enclosure Engineers (ISEEE), a nonprofit organization, was established in 2012. Since its founding, ISEEE members have focused on performing research, to develop best practices, and educational material around environmental enclosure air quality engineering to protect the lung health of equipment operators. The ISEEE Advance Cab Theory Workshop remains the only course in the world specifically focused on training attendees on environmental enclosure design, performance testing, and certification in their real-world environments. ISEEE provides education,  subject matter expertise for standards development, and consultation on environmental enclosure air quality engineering.   


Jeff Moredock

Founder & President


Jeff Moredock has a passion for preserving the lung health of those who work in operator enclosures in challenging environments. Jeff is a published author, teacher, researcher, inventor, and conference speaker in the area of environmental enclosures. Jeff is the author of the Advanced Cab Theory Workbook and was a principal author of the 1.002 In-field Testing Method.


Jeff currently serves as the International Organization of Standardisations's (ISO) International Project Lead for the development of ISO 23875, a new standard aimed to align all stakeholders in environmental enclosure design and air quality performance testing, to protect the lung health of equipment operators.  Additionally, Jeff serves on  international and American standards related committees, including Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), Association of Equipment Manufactures (AEM), and ISO committees. Most of his committee work is focused on environmental enclosure standards development. 


Jeff is currently employed as the Executive Vice President of Sy-Klone International, a company dedicated to improving environmental enclosure air quality.

Board of Directors


Alyssa Ehman, MSc, CIH

Aura Health and Safety

Fernie,British Colombia, Canada


Dan Spurgeon


Mossville, Illinois, USA

Roberto Cardenas

GAF International S.A.

Bogota, Colombia

Liam Wilson, CIH

Brisbane, Australia

Jeff Moredock, Chairman

ISEEE, Jacksonville, FL USA